Paticipation Form

How to claim your Bitcoin Ruby.

Rate is 0.0005 Bitcoin to 10,000 Bitcoin Ruby

Rate is 0.005 Bitcoin to 100,000 Bitcoin Ruby.

Rate is 0.05 Bitcoin to 1,000,000 Bitcoin Ruby

1. Fill out the Form

2. After you press Submit, the address to which to send the Litecoin in exchange for Bitcoin Ruby will appear e.g. 38rYqSW8FW3yCwfz2NBSFumtRFr28NUf4X. You can also pay with Bitcoin or other Altcoins by selecting "Pay with Altcoins". A new window will appear prompting you to enter the type of Altcoin you are paying with and how much Litecoin you would like to send. A QR code will then appear. Send the specified number of Altcoins to the QR code and it will automatically convert to Litecoin and send to our address. This service is powered through ShapeShift.

3. Initiate the transfer within 30 minutes to get your Ruby Certificate!