Bitcoin Ruby

Bitcoin Ruby

New: Whitepaper



We are spearheading the digital currency revolution. Most crypto aren't fast enough or secure enough. The Bitcoin Ruby team aims to change that.


A link to Bitcoin Ruby's Newly issued Whitepaper is here 

Total Circulation

100,000,000,000 BTCRUBY


01.Intrinsic value

We need a coin that is backed by something more than just the coin itself. Introducing Ruby-Art Technology.


A coin that automatically limits volatility, so that it can be used for saving, spending and loans


A coin where transactions are quick.



“The Ruby Revolution is Here"--BTCRUBY Team.




Get Your Refferal Code


1. Enter your email address and we send you a referral code

2. Refer people with your unique referral code to buy Bitcoin Ruby certificates

3. When people buy Bitcoin Ruby with your code, you get 20% of what they paid for it as a bonus and they get a 20% bonus. 10 billion Ruby ceiling.



Presale Progress

Round 1

20% Bonus 


Paticipation Form

How to claim your Bitcoin Ruby.

Rate is 0.31 Bitcoin to 10,000 Bitcoin Ruby

Rate is 3.1 Litecoin to 100,000 Bitcoin Ruby.

Rate is 31.2 Litecoin to 10,000,000 Bitcoin Ruby

1. Fill out the Form

2. After you press Submit, the address to which to send the Litecoin in exchange for Bitcoin Ruby will appear e.g. 38rYqSW8FW3yCwfz2NBSFumtRFr28NUf4X. You can also pay with Bitcoin or other Altcoins by selecting "Pay with Altcoins". 

3. Initiate the transfer within 30 minutes to get your Ruby Certificate!

I acknowledge that Bitcoin Ruby tokens and buyers are subject to the terms of service agreement *


What exchanges will you be on?

Bitcoin Ruby has its eyes on 20 major exchanges for launch, including Bittrex, OT Coin and Coolcoin

How much have you sold in the pre-sale?

Posted on our website. Let the Ruby Revolution Begin!

I am from the press; what is the best way to contact the Ruby team?

A direct private message on Twitter is best

What is the block size?